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Our Food Heroes

Local is Best

By using local ingredients we believe that we are offering the best that this region can offer (and Northumberland has a lot to offer) as well as supporting the local community.

Of course, you can not get more local than our own kitchen so we try to produce our own homemade variations where possible. We make our own sausages using locally supplied prime pork and our own seasoning that we developed especially for our breakfast table. We also make a gluten free variation and have developed a rice patty for vegetarians so that no-one misses out at breakfast time.

With our commitment to local sourcing it did not seem right that we should serve baked beans that, admittedly, are sourced from the local cash & carry, using the culinary skill of a tin opener, so we also make our version of these - we only have one variety so how do they compare to the other type that has 56 more varieties?

R Ord & Hens (Chatton)

We are fortunate that the best egg farm in Northumberland is within view of our kitchen window - so close that we never store large quantities of eggs, rather we just pop over to the farm and leave some money in the honesty box as and when we need some - can't get fresher than that! People often comment on how big & bright the yolks are - whether they're griddled, poached, scrambled, boiled or made into an omelette, they taste wonderful.

T R Johnson (Wooler)

Alan & Derek at T R Johnson's in the High Street run a traditional butcher's shop that sells quality meat that is traceable to the breed & herd of origin. We purchase our bacon & black pudding for your breakfast here, but also often a nice steak or pie for our own table too.

Swallow Fish (Seahouses)

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast" [Ace Rimmer: Red Dwarf].
Swallowfish is owned and operated by Patrick and Karen Wilkin. The business is based in Seahouses complete with the original smokehouses, which have operated on the site since 1843. They employ the very same methods of smoking as were performed on the site all those years ago, using traditional oak sawdust which has no additives, preservatives or colourings of any kind - it lets the natural flavours speak for themselves. We think the kippers and smoked haddock has a slightly subtler flavour than Craster (also very good) - we can never resist having a hot kipper roll on the way home after visiting the shop.

Mad Jam Woman (Amble)

If madness is measured in quality and variety of preserves, then Sandy Higson of Pride of Northumbria surely is The 'Mad Jam Woman'. She is the sole purveyor of preserves for our breakfast table which offers several different varieties of marmalade, jam & curd (ginger curd on toast is a whole new experience). Sandy's kitchen is behind a glass viewing window at the back of the shop in Amble so you can watch what is being concocted on that day, and also sample some of the preserves at the counter - the chilli sauces are fantastic but some are not for the faint [or weak] hearted.

Chain Bridge Honey Farm (Horncliffe)

Willie Robson took up beekeeping in 1962 with the aim of expanding his father's enterprise, not only by increasing the number of hives, but also the diversity of products. They now sell locally produced honey and wax derived products around the world, as well as providing a vital service to agriculture by pollinating crops in the Borders region. Our breakfast table is not complete without a jar of Chain Bridge honey and a pot of Honey Mustard - we even use their Beeswax and Carnauba Polish on our furniture.

Produced in Northumberland

Our Food Heroes


Apologies to Rick Stein for plagiarizing his phrase, but we have our own set of heroes who supply us with excellent produce of consistent quality. They are all local to us and we are happy to support them as they support us.

[Swallow Fish and R Carter & Son (Bamburgh) actually did appear on Rick Stein's programme as his Food Heroes]

Why not give them a visit and see what they have to offer. If you're worried about stinking the car out with smoked fish on the journey home, we have a sous vide machine in the kitchen and will be more than happy to vacuum seal your purchase, to be enjoyed when you return home.